Gold Metals Opportunities

Gold Metals bring an undeniable richness to any space, and expands the boundaries of style and trend. Golds can be used in countless interior design applications! Range hoods, countertops, bar tops and bistro tables are all stunning when cast in a gold metal.

The truth is, gold metals are always trending. In fact, according to 7 Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2022 , Copper accents, Copper Tables and Copper Appliances are predicted to be major hits in the new year.

Don’t fall behind on the trends of 2022, check out our website to see all of the stunning options for gold metals this year!

La Bastille is SO excited to debut our new Golds Collection! Fall of 2021 worked as a soft launch for certain pieces of the collection, but in the new year you can expect roll outs of our full product offerings, including range hoods, countertops, bistro table, wall panels, and edge profiles in Brass, Bronze, and Copper.

Our Zinc and Pewter Journey

If you’ve followed the La Bastille journey for long, you will know just how amazing our zinc and pewter work is. We’ve worked on countless zinc and pewter countertops, range hoods and bistro tables, and have truly perfected the process of cast metal. Zinc Range Hoods have especially been our bread and butter for years! As many designers know, the landscape of interior design is like the wild west- ever changing and fast paced. If you’re not on top of trends, it’s easy to be left behind. Because of this, as our team grew and design trends changed, we realized that it was time to add some additional beauty to our catalog.

Brass, Bronze & Copper Metals

We see gold metals and tones everywhere. From jewelry & fashion, to holiday decor- golds are timeless, making us feel luxurious and elegant. Why not incorporate that in your interior design?