Pewter Countertops

Pewter countertops have been used in French bistros and brasseries for centuries. In fact, bars in France are often called “le zinc,” when the famous Parisian bar surfaces are actually pewter. Pewter is a malleable alloy metal composed mostly of tin. Today, pewter’s beauty has been rediscovered in 21st-century design thanks to its classically sophisticated appearance, versatility, and sustainability.

Polished pewter has a vibrant silvery hue and is low maintenance when left over time to naturally patina. Pewter, like zinc, is a living finish and it will develop a luxurious, muted gray or charcoal patina over time. Alternatively, pewter countertops and bar tops can also be maintained up to a mirror-like finish with regular polishing. La Bastille offers this traditional French product with a vast expanded selection of both traditional and modern edgings to fit any design aesthetic. ​

Pewter Countertop Finishes and Edges