Frequently Asked Questions

Does La Bastille offer a warranty on its products?

We offer a one-year limited warranty on all of our projects to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Please note this does not include markings on the top due to the expected process of patina.This is just one of the ways we show our customers that they are important to us and at La Bastille and quality matters.

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What is the typical timeline for each custom project?
We have two internal teams that work collaboratively to get each project fully completed in a total of 8–10 weeks. First, our design team produces shop drawings specifying each aspect of the project, including finish and edge profile selection. After this step is completed, which typically takes 2 weeks, it is sent to our artisan shop where they handcraft, polish, and patina each project to create a custom piece of functional art for your home or business. This part of the process takes approximately 6–8 weeks. Please note that this timeline is contingent upon the complexity of the design itself and is only an estimate.
How are La Bastille Designs shipped?
La Bastille takes great effort to ensure the integrity of your La Bastille design. We custom-build military spec wooden shipping crates for each design. We add braces so that the edges do not touch the crate and add padding as an extra precaution to ensure our products reach their final destination safely and securely. Another potential option for large or unusually sized items is to utilize a dedicated flatbed truck. With this service, your custom piece is locked securely in its origin and is not moved until it reaches its final destination.
Does La Bastille provide installation?
La Bastille does not provide installation services. We find that our tops can be handled by a qualified contractor. Our team of skilled fabricators will walk you through the process and provide the materials required. We are also available for your questions.
Does La Bastille provide templating?
We are often asked if we can come on site to template prior to providing a drawing. We typically do not find this necessary and work from your drawings and measurements. If there a special circumstance that requires a La Bastille professional to come on-site, we can discuss this on a case-by-case basis.
Can a sink be added to a La Bastille Countertop?
We offer cutouts for undermount sinks, which may be caulked into place. We must have the sink in our shop prior to fabrication. You can provide us the sink or we can order it for you. We do not offer an integrated sink because the water from the sink will create a different wear pattern versus the surface of the counter.
Will there be seams in my countertop?
It depends on the material used for your project as well as the size of the project. Sheet metal has inherent size limitations, which means there will be more frequent seams. Our drawing will show you exactly where the seams will be necessary.

Casting allows us to craft large surface areas with very few seams and therefore we are often asked to create a seamless top. We can often achieve this but not always. Our seam limitations are often not determined by the material, as is the case with sheet metal, but by transportation and job site constraints.

When seams are unavoidable, we place them in a location that makes the most sense in the design. We can walk your contractor through how to join the seam in an inconspicuous manner so that it is not noticeable. It is important to note that there is virtually no way to create a seamless seam even if La Bastille performs the seaming. The good news is that as the bar top ages, the seams become less noticeable.

Zinc or Pewter: What metal should I choose?
Both zinc and pewter are in the silver metals family. If you are looking for a bright, shiny, silver metal that can be continually polished, then a pewter La Bastille design is the right choice for you. If on the other hand, you prefer a more matte finish with a blue-gray hue, then a zinc La Bastille design is a perfect choice. Zinc undergoes a natural aging oxidation process and forms a unique tarnish with age called a patina.
How does La Bastille create a patina?
Refer to our Patina information for a description of our process.
How do I care for my products?
Refer to our Care & Protection information for recommendations on how to preserve your investment.
How do I request samples?
La Bastille Sample SetIf you would like a standard sample set, simply call us to request and indicate which material you are requesting. The samples are simply meant to show the construction, the quality and the texture of the material. Specific edge profiles and/or specialty finishes can be sent once we are contracted and working with you during the design phase of your project.
Why should I choose La Bastille?
By choosing La Bastille, you are choosing to support a business that values quality, artistry, and most of all our customers. Unlike other zinc and pewter manufacturers, we custom cast our pieces. There is no welding, and we are able to execute our designs with fewer seams. We use high-quality metal, never galvanized steel or metallic paints like some other manufacturers. We create all of our designs by hand, and your products are given the same care and attention as the old world designers of Parisian bistros hundreds of years ago. We take a traditional approach to our craftsmanship while maintaining the functionality of modern living.

We build, cast, and hand polish our products exactly to your particular specifications. Each custom piece is entirely personalized to your personal concept. While we offer standard edges, we often create new profiles based on a client’s vision. Challenges and unique ideas are always welcomed.

Does La Bastille work on projects internationally?
Yes. While we are headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, we ship projects all over the world. We can ship anywhere. Recent projects were completed in Canada, Japan, and Brazil. We work with our clients to locate the most cost-effective and secure shipping solutions available, while always keeping customs requirements in mind.
How are La Bastille designs priced?
Our pricing is based on the metal you choose and the square footage of the project. We do not charge additionally for design elements, such as a more decorative edge profile, marine edges or drink rails. Those elements are included in the square footage calculation of the entire project. We prefer a well-designed, finished product rather than projects that are overly simplified for the purpose of value engineering, so we include these features in the overall price
How do I get started?
Our sales and inquiries come directly to us, so the best way to start brainstorming your design ideas for a new La Bastille project is to contact us at 888-303-ZINC (9462) or use our contact form. We’re excited to start working with you!