Zinc Countertops

Zinc is grey in color but has a blue grey hue. Due to its unique characteristics, zinc ranges in design from highly ornate architectural details to sleek and modern. With use, zinc ages and becomes rich with character and warmth.

Pewter Countertops

Polished pewter has a vibrant silvery hue and is low maintenance when left over time to naturally patina. Pewter, like zinc, is a living finish and will develop a luxurious, muted gray or charcoal patina over time. Alternatively, pewter counters can also be maintained up to a mirror-like finish with regular polishing.

Bronze Countertops

Bronze has a wide variety of finish options ranging from a polished golden bronze to a rich antiqued brown, offering endless possibilities in sculptural and architectural details. As with all specialty metals, bronze will develop its own patina and use patterns which add to the character and charm of the finish.

Brass Countertops - La Bastille

Brass Countertops

The beauty of brass lies in its lighter, more yellow hues. This results in a bright glow that radiates warmth. As with all specialty metals, brass can be left to develop its own patina and use patterns, which add to the character and charm of the finish.

Copper Countertops

Copper has rich, warm tones with a bright metallic luster. Starting with a reddish color in nature, copper left to oxidize will green over time, just as you would see with its traditional use in shingles and fountains. Alternatively, our copper counters can be polished to maintain their original pristine state.