Zinc Countertops

La Bastille is known worldwide for our cast metal work. The hallmark of this material is its versatility. Our cast zinc offers versatility in design and can range from highly ornate architectural details to sleek modern design. A wide array of edge profiles and finishes allow the designer flexibility to create endless possibilities.

Our artisans handcraft each piece at our casting facility in Savannah, Georgia, and we ship all over the world. From a New York City butler’s pantry to an expansive Las Vegas Casino bar, we create bars and counters that are sure to impress.

Pewter Countertops

Pewter countertops have been used in French bistros and brasseries for centuries. Pewter is a malleable alloy metal composed mostly of tin. Today, pewter’s beauty has been rediscovered in 21st-century design thanks to its classically sophisticated appearance, versatility, and sustainability. Differentiating between zinc and pewter can be confusing because the metals look very similar when initially crafted, and to add more confusion, bars in France are often called “le zinc,” when the famous Parisian bar surfaces are actually pewter.

Polished pewter has a vibrant silvery hue that over time can be left to naturally patina. Pewter, like zinc, is a living finish and it will develop a luxurious, muted gray or charcoal patina over time. La Bastille offers this traditional French product with a vast selection of custom edgings. All of our metals are 100% food-safe, lead-free, and the highest quality available for production.

Pewter Bar tops can be maintained up to a mirror polish with regular polishing. Alternatively, you can allow your bar top to develop its own unique characteristics and patina. Pewter countertops left to naturally patina are low-maintenance, requiring only mild soap or non-abrasive cleanser to clean.

Sheet Zinc Countertops with Rivets

La Bastille’s Rivet Collection utilizes 0.7 mm sheet zinc material that is adhered to a plywood substrate. Along the seams and the edges, hundreds of tiny brass nail heads are individually hammered by hand in a uniform fashion to create a beautiful decorative feature. The result is a clean, hand-finished surface that is unique and has a modern look. The edges can be a crisp square edge or a bull-nosed option. This material can be extended into the customer facing side of the bar wall, or die wall, to create a contemporary and fresh look. We also offer this material in our Cafe Collection at a wholesale price for restaurant tables.

Bronze Countertops

In addition to Zinc and Pewter, La Bastille works with other specialty metals, including bronze, which is a significantly harder alloy than zinc or pewter. Bronze has been traditionally used as an architectural accent, and bronze surfaces are making their resurgence in residential and commercial settings for today’s modern design world.

La Bastille works with a variety of bronzes. Sheet bronze has a wider variety of finish options, ranging from a polished golden bronze to a rich antiqued brown, while cast bronze offers endless possibilities in sculptural and architectural details. As with all specialty metals, bronze will develop its own patina, slight scratches and use patterns which add to the character and charm of the custom piece.

Custom Finishes and Edges