With the holidays fast approaching many people are considering upgrading their dining room table. If you really want to wow your family, you might consider a truly unique option, like a cast zinc tabletop. From Thanksgiving to New Years, one of the most memorable parts of the holidays is sharing a meal with your loved ones at a beautiful table decorated with wreaths, candles, glorious entrees and desserts. Really, a cast zinc table will set off any event and decor. 

Living metals tell a story of their own and create a warmth that you may not expect when you think of metal. More than a conversation piece, zinc tabletops cultivate an atmosphere that the storytellers in your group will resonate off of. All La Bastille zinc dining tables are custom designed and made-to-order so you can choose the size, shape and edge profile that fits your space, and aesthetic. It doesn’t get more curated. 

cast zinc tableDesigning Your Cast Zinc Tabletop

When designing your custom zinc tabletop, you’ll be asked: 

  • What size table would you like?
  • What shape? Some popular shapes include: round, rectangle, square, oval and pill. 
  • Which metal would you like? Options include: cast zinc, pewter, copper, brass and bronze
  • Which finish would you like? You can take a look at the finish options here
  • Which edge profile would you like? You can check out our 80 options here, or we can design a custom edge for your profile. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, let La Bastille know the number of people you’d like to seat and the size of the space the cast zinc tabletop is going in. The design team can take it from there designing you the perfect showstopper for your holiday party.

Let La Bastille become a part of your family’s holiday traditions with a custom cast zinc tabletop.