La Bastille is honored to receive two prestigious industry nominations in 2023 – a Best of Year Awards (BOY) nomination from Interior Design and a nomination for Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Innovation in Design Awards (IDAs).   Both awards honor the most significant product design for the kitchen category and showcase what’s happening today in specific categories of design.

What makes the June Rangehood a viable choice for this recognition?

June is a fresh, reimagined take on the classic box-shaped range hood. This modern metal range hood displays a bullnose detail giving the square shape and 90-degree corners movement and flow. This cast-metal range hood is semi-customizable, allowing designers to create the perfect heirloom piece, specific to each kitchen.

Technical details include:

  • Durable range hoods with reinforced wooden core and internal ribs for stability.
  • Seamless ventilation liner integration for optimized functionality and sleek appearance, facilitating efficient airflow and pollutant extraction.
  • Handcrafted with preferred metal (zinc, pewter, brass, bronze, and copper) and meticulous finishing techniques for advanced and appealing hoods.

Crafted with precision, the June cast metal rangehood can be semi-customized to your liking, enabling you to fashion a truly unique and cherished centerpiece tailored to your kitchen. Available in 6 different metal finishes – Brass, Copper, Zinc-No Patina, Zinc-Light Patina, Zinc-Dark Patina and Black Patina.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and made-to-order by our team of skilled Artisans located in Savannah, GA.