If you are headed to KBIS Las Vegas, February 27-29, I’m going to be speaking at the VFTI Conference. Unlock the art of metal finishes in interior design at La Bastille’s CEU session at KBIS. Explore metal’s transformative power in residential and commercial spaces. Unveiling Zinc, Pewter, Brass, Bronze, and Copper’s unique attributes.

Session Description:

Everything You Need to Know About Using Metal in Your Interior Design Projects.
In our session, we will show you how to utilize metal as a unique material in your interior design projects. We will discuss the different metal finishes available – Zinc, Pewter, Brass, Bronze, Copper – and the benefits of each. We will then talk about how to potentially use them in products like tables, countertops, range hoods, wall panels, etc

Hope you can join me.