Having a custom range hood created specifically for your kitchen means you’ll be getting exactly what you want aesthetically. The range hood is the crown of the kitchen so it’s no wonder why people are moving away from the cold, industrial off-the-shelf options. If you’re considering ordering a custom range hood for your kitchen but you don’t really know where to start, keep reading!

Choose Your Custom Range Hood Material

Some may want to start by choosing their shape but I recommend starting by choosing your material as this can greatly affect the shapes that are available to you. Popular materials include wood, stone, and metal. In some cases you may even be able to mix materials. For example, a wood body with metal straps or a stone range hood with a wood crown and apron. Make sure you do your research about the material before ordering. Some materials require more upkeep than others and some materials may not be seamless. If seams are a pain point for you, be sure to ask the fabricator about them. 

Determine the Size

To determine the range hood size the custom range hood fabricator will need to know the make and model of your range, the height of your ceiling at the range location, and any size restrictions you have due to cabinetry or windows. It’s always a good practice to include a photo of the space with this information. 

Determine How You’ll Vent the Custom Range Hood

There are two venting options: through the wall or through the ceiling. According to Lily Ann Cabinets, it’s better to vent vertically through the roof since hot air rises. Venting through the wall should be plan b. However, if your range hood is going above an island, venting through the roof is your only option. A licensed contractor can help you determine what is best for your kitchen. 

Choose the Shape

There are several range hood shapes available. We previously posted this article, 8 most popular range hood shapes. It’s complete with photos and a great resource for choosing the range hood shape. The most popular custom range hood shape is definitely sloped with the barrel shape being a close runner up. 

Pick Your Design Details

Different fabricators and materials will offer various design details but common options include: finish, crown, apron, straps and rivets. Some fabricators might offer special carvings or reliefs. Typically custom range hood fabricators will have a design team who can create a 3D render of the custom range hood for you before you approve it. 

Here at La Bastille we specialize in custom metal range hoods. We only use the highest quality alloys and all of our pieces are handcrafted by our Artisans in Savannah, GA. We include a vent-a-hood liner in all of our range hoods so you don’t have to worry about ordering the appliance. If you have any questions about cast metal range hoods, please reach out anytime. We’d love to send you a complimentary sample and proposal.