Recently La Bastille has seen a huge upturn in popularity of their bronze countertops and bronze range hoods. It’s really no surprise seeing as how beautiful cast bronze metal is. Bronze has a warm tone and because it’s a living metal, develops a rich patina over time. It has an exceptional historical interest, after all it helped ancient civilizations make advancements in weapons and tools. In recent years, bronze has also become more popular for interior countertop and bar top applications because of it’s character and aesthetic flexibility. Bronze countertops can be found in curated residences, bars, restaurants and lobbies worldwide.

Finishing A Bronze Bar Top

A bronze bar top is an unexpected way to add character to a bar, restaurant or a residential kitchen. It’s very neutral in tone so it works well with many aesthetics. It can be finished to look very antiqued and traditional, or chic and transitional. La Bastille offers dozens of finish options and works closely with clients to achieve the desired look because they are a fully custom shop. Like all La Bastille metals, bronze countertops can be polished back to their original state or coated with a lacquer so they don’t patina. You can’t beat the flexibility of bronze.

Order A Bronze Countertop Sample

You can reach out to La Bastille to receive a complementary material sample, if you’re interested in bronze countertops. Bastille offers several other metal options, over 80 edge profiles and all of their products are handcrafted in Savannah,GA. They have in an inhouse design team and sales team who will work with you every step of the way to design your dream bronze bar top.