Here at La Bastille, we’ve truly made ordering a custom copper range hood a seamless experience. We’re often asked about the process of ordering a custom range hood, so here’s a quick 6-step guide.

Step 1: Schedule a Meeting to Discuss Your Custom Range Hood

Our sales team will meet with you to discuss your specific needs, budget and we will explain our capabilities. Scheduling a meeting with our team is easy, just use this link to set it up and we will reach out. Once we have some details, we will send you a complimentary proposal. 

 Step 2: Design Your Copper Range Hood

The fun begins! If copper range hoods aren’t your thing, we also offer two other classic metal options: zinc and brass, and mixed metals. Still not sure? Maybe you would like some samples- no problem!

Now is the time to choose your shape. If you’re having trouble choosing a shape, you can reference our last blog post, Most Common Metal Range Hood Shapes, where we discuss the 8 most popular shapes. This is also the time when you’ll choose your special details like straps, rivets, and trim details. We always recommend looking at inspiration images. Our Pinterest and website are great places to start. If you get stuck, don’t fret- our in-house design team is right here to guide you through the process.

 Step 3: Review and Sign Your Design

Your copper range hood design is complete and ready to review! Your Designer will answer any questions you have, revise as needed, and once you’re happy we’ll send you the design to e-sign.

 Step 4: Copper Range Hood Fabrication 

Your range hood is designed and ready to be built. Our standard lead time for range hoods is 8-10 weeks but this does vary periodically. Our team of Artisans will handcraft your range hood at our shop in Savannah, GA. Each La Bastille piece is made-to-order using only the highest quality alloys. We truly pride ourselves on our old-world craftsmanship and heirloom quality. 

Step 5: Crate and Ship 

Whoo- it’s practically mounted in your kitchen. Our logistics team will now build a custom crate for your copper range hood and ship it to your address with installation instructions, complete with warranty. 

Step 6: Installation

Installing a La Bastille metal range hood is very simple and most contractors can do it with ease. We can also provide guidance, beyond the instructions, when needed. 

 In fact, La Bastille offers lifetime client support. That means if you have a question or concern at any point after installation, we want you to reach out. Range hoods are the heart of the kitchen so we take them very seriously.