When running a commercial bar, you should make smart design choices that elevate your space, create the perfect atmosphere, and help you and your staff run a smooth, successful establishment. That’s why finding the right countertop is essential.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with a stunning, unique, and easy-to-maintain bar top, metal is the way to go. See how options like bronze, brass, copper, and zinc can complete your space with these reasons you should use metal countertops in commercial bars.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Function is just as important as design; luckily, metal countertops are outstanding in both categories. Metals are notoriously easy to clean. Standard household cleaners or soap and water are all you need to wipe down your bar. That means you don’t need to invest in special tools or cleaning products.

Metals are also naturally antimicrobial, which means they don’t harbor bacteria the way some other countertop options do. As a result, metal countertops are a fantastic, food-safe option that your staff can easily clean and maintain—even on your busiest nights.

A Unique, High-End Look

Stone and wood dominate the market for bar tops, which means a metal countertop will make your commercial bar stand out among the rest. From elegant, polished pewter to warm, gleaming brass, metal countertops create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your establishment. A metal bar top is the key to defining your atmosphere and setting yourself apart from competitors.

A Choice for Every Bar Design

Whatever makes your bar unique, you can find a metal countertop to match it. The versatility and customization of metals are a huge part of why metal countertops work well in commercial bars. Whether your bar’s design leans more toward sleek, cool-toned zinc or rich, golden bronze, you can find a metal countertop to fit any aesthetic or theme you have in mind.

Beyond the material options themselves, you also have endless features like finishes and edges that you can customize. From intricate detailing to bold, straightforward designs, the myriad of customization options makes it easy to find the perfect countertop for your bar.

Do you need a custom order countertop to elevate your bar? Let the team at La Bastille help. With an exquisite, handcrafted gallery of zinc, bronze, copper, and more, we have the options you need to create a truly outstanding space.