When selecting materials for a boutique hotel it’s important to make choices that are timeless and curated.

Zinc countertops are a striking option for hotels because of their warm rich tones and lux aesthetic. Whether it be the registration counter, bar/ restaurant or host stand, zinc metal countertops are a superb material for hotel surfaces. There are many reasons why zinc metal countertops are such a perfect choice but in this article we are going to focus on three. 

Countless Customizations

You’ve probably heard of the common stone edge profiles like ogee, flat and bevel.  While these edges are beautiful, they’re certainly not unique. Due to the way La Bastille fabricates their zinc metal countertops, edge profiles options are practically endless. There are over 80 edges offered on the website but if you’re not seeing what you want for your boutique hotel, Bastille’s design team can create a custom edge profile for your project. Want something with your logo on it? It’s certainly a possibility. 

Zinc Metal Countertops are Offered in Most Shapes

With many materials, like granite and quartz, you’ll be asked for dimensions and be provided a standard 3cm thickness. At La Bastille, all zinc metal countertops are fully custom so you can have a large curve or even a serpentine shaped countertop. While 1 ½” is the standard thickness, custom thicknesses are available. Many clients ask for full-thickness, meaning the countertop is the same thickness as the edge profile.

Dozens of Finishes 

The finish really sets the mood. The ability to choose the zinc metal countertop finish means you are in control of the aesthetic entirely. At La Bastille, the most popular finish is light patina/ medium texture but other popular choices include no patina, and medium patina. If those options aren’t right for your boutique hotel, don’t worry, La Bastille has you covered. Bastille offers custom finishes to fit most needs and offers complimentary samples. If you’d like more information about La Bastille’s zinc metal countertops, visit our website and setup a virtual meet and greet with a member of our team. We’d love to hear about your project!