We are often asked the question, what is metal patina and how does it occur? So, in this article we explain everything you need to know about patina and how we can start the process so your product looks aged out-of-the-crate. If you’re not a fan of the aged look, we will also explain how you can temporarily remove patina and how you can avoid the patina process all together

What is metal patina?

Patina is a chemical process that occurs with time and use as the metal reacts to its environment, therefore making the piece look aged. It’s very similar to the process that occurs when you cut into an avocado. Overtime, the metal will darken and the colors will change. Your metal product will start to look aged and lived in, in the most elegant way.

How can you start the process?

Our Artisans can apply a special chemical to start the patina process. They’ve spent years perfecting this method and are able to apply the patina in various ways to get the clients’ preferred finish. We offer several standard finish options, like: no patina, light patina and medium patina. 

Can you remove the metal patina?

Most of our clients choose cast livings metals in part for the unique patina quality. However, it can always be polished back to look like new. Polishing is simple, and our team can talk you through it when you’re ready. 

How can I avoid my metal product  having a patina?

We offer a matte finish lacquer that, when applied, will preserve your finish and not allow the patina process to occur. You can reach out to La Bastille with any questions about our lacquer sealer.

At La Bastille we specialize in living metals that patina overtime. Using living metals, we design and fabricate cast metal: range hoods, bar tops, wall panels and custom furnishings. If you’re interested in one of our handcrafted metal products, please reach out for pricing and a complementary sample.