A range hood, also known as a vent hood, is a key part of kitchen functionality. The range hood serves as the kitchen’s ventilation unit, collecting and dispersing smoke, steam, and vapors from grease, oil, and other ingredients. A range hood plays a crucial role in preserving the air quality of the kitchen, but it also helps keep surrounding walls, backsplashes, and countertops pristine.

Of course, as with all parts of kitchen design, the range hood must balance beauty and functionality. That’s why picking the right material is an essential step in designing the right range hood for your kitchen. There are several premium materials to choose from, including stunning, living metals like zinc, pewter, brass, and copper. Learn more about these options and how they fit with your range hood design with our guide explaining the different custom range hood materials.

Zinc Range Hoods

Zinc is a versatile metal that boasts an elegant, silvery appearance. It also gains a rich, blue-grey hue as its patina develops over time. For this reason, zinc works as well in sleek and modern designs as it does in ornate, traditional designs. This makes zinc range hoods a great option for a wide range of both commercial and residential kitchens. The clean, silver gleam of polished zinc creates an attractive appearance for minimalist or industrial kitchens, while an aged finish offers the perfect antique look for more lavish designs.

Pewter Range Hoods

Pewter is another silvery living metal that delivers an elegant gleam to your kitchen design. This metal alloy consists primarily of tin, but it also contains trace components of elements like copper, antimony, bismuth, and other trace metals. Over time, pewter’s patina deepens its colors and gives it a muted but luxurious gray or charcoal finish. That said, pewter also features a mirror-like gleam with regular polish and maintenance.

Because of its wide range of style options, pewter range hoods can complement nearly any kitchen. The polished gleam is perfect for bright, open spaces, while a more ornate, darkened patina finish is a rich option for more traditional designs.

Brass Range Hoods

With its golden hue and incredible versatility, brass has been a prized material for thousands of years. Throughout history, brass has served as a material for Roman helmets, European decorative plates, and fine navigation tools of New World exploration. With such a rich and important history, it’s no wonder why designers turn to brass to add a sense of wealth and luxury to a space.

As a range hood material, brass delivers a warm glow that brightens the kitchen with a soft, golden shine. Its light yellow hues darken with shades of brown and black as the patina develops, creating a rich, aged look that’s full of character—much like the brass relics of ages past.

Copper Range Hoods

Kitchens that use copper range hoods bask in the warm radiance and traditional beauty of this ancient material. Copper’s reddish hue and metallic gleam make it an eye-catching option for any kitchen. Owners of copper range hoods have the option of either continuously polishing it to maintain its attractive shine, or letting copper’s rich patina give it an authentic aged appearance full of greens, blues, and deeper reds and browns. Either way, a copper range hood is a bold piece that performs equally well in clean, elegant spaces and cozy rooms full of rustic charm.

Combining Materials

When choosing between the different custom range hood materials available, you might also want to consider mixing materials. Combining multiple metals is a fantastic way to add character and style to your range hood, further elevating the design and creating a more unique piece for your kitchen. This works particularly well when you combine silver- and gold-hued metals. For example, a zinc range hood with brass straps and rivets creates a strong statement piece.

You can also combine metals with other materials, such as wood or stone, to create a range hood with an ornate, elegant design. Wood or stone accents around the crown or apron create a lavish appearance that draws the eye and garners admiration.

Consider Your Range Hood Style

Another factor to consider when choosing your material is the style of range hood you need. Whether you’re working with a wall-mount, under-cabinet, or island range hood, you want to make sure that the material you pick fits in with the hood’s placement and design.

For example, a large island hood that hangs in the middle of the room will draw more attention than a small, under-cabinet range hood. Because the island range hood is more of a focal point, it calls for a unique, eye-catching design. The under-cabinet range hood, on the other hand, might work better with a more muted design that underscores the rest of the kitchen’s design.

Don’t Forget Range Hood Shapes

Your material might also influence the shape of your range hood. Do you want to create something streamlined and modern with clean, polished zinc? The clean lines and solid edges of a box-shaped range hood are perfect for your design. If you’re leaning toward more ornate designs with intricate, handcrafted detailing and a royal mix of metals, then the elegant curves of a sloped, curved, or bell-shaped range hood will suit your style beautifully.

Of course, you can use any material for any type of range hood. However, keeping your metal choice at the forefront of your mind as you construct the rest of your range hood will help you create a strong, cohesive design that complements the rest of your kitchen.

Why Choose La Bastille?

When you want a range hood that’s as beautiful as it is effective, turn to the artisans at La Bastille. Our custom range hoods consist of versatile living metals that can complement any kitchen. Because we hand-cast and hand-finish every product, you can purchase your metal range hood knowing that you’re receiving a gorgeous piece that will enhance your space and add lasting value to your design.

We also craft our range hoods with Vent-a-Hood ventilation liners that are quiet, efficient, and easy to clean. The result is a range hood that offers advanced ventilation without requiring extra space for an external blower. This allows you to focus on style and design without sacrificing functionality.

La Bastille works closely with clients to create a gorgeous range hood that perfectly suits your design needs. Contact our team today to learn more about the material and style options you can use to create a unique and beautiful product for your next project.

The Different Custom Range Hood Materials Explained