Waterfall edge profiles are a modern way to add a special touch to any kitchen. They put the focus on the countertop material and tend to look intentional and contemporary. We love when our clients ask for them!

If you’re considering a waterfall edge for your countertop or island, keep reading!

What is a waterfall edge?

A waterfall edge is simply a countertop that extends vertically, from the top of the counter, to the floor. The countertop covers the sides of the cabinets and appears to be a continuous piece. 

Where can you use a waterfall edge?

You can use a waterfall countertop edge profile on any island or countertop that has at least one exposed side. Waterfall edge profiles look great on islands because they have two exposed sides. However, they can also be used on a countertop that is only exposed on one side. When used this way, they tend to make the area look more polished.

We also love to use waterfall edges on commercial bars that dip down to an ADA bartop. Using a waterfall there adds a gorgeous detail and makes the ADA top appear to be integrated into the bar itself.

Will they go out of style?

We believe that waterfall countertop edge profiles are a sophisticated enough design that they won’t style-out. It depends more on the countertop material and finish that you choose than on the waterfall shape. Look for countertop materials that are classic in style and shapre, and also offer finishes that are neutral– not trendy. 

At La Bastille we offer waterfall edges in all of our living metals: cast zinc, pewter, brass, bronze and copper. Cast metals have a rich history and offer a timeless aesthetic. We have dozens of finishes to choose from. For an even bolder look, we can add one of over 80 edge profiles to your waterfall.

If you’re interested in a complimentary sample or a quote, please feel free to reach out.  We’d love to discuss your project!