One of the biggest challenges home designers face is choosing the right material for kitchen countertops. There is no shortage of excellent options available, but one material that’s sure to turn heads is zinc. As a beautiful, versatile living metal, zinc suits a wide variety of kitchen designs and countertop styles. Is zinc the right option for your kitchen design? Find out with this rundown of the best reasons to use zinc countertops in kitchens.

Versatile and Easy To Work With

Zinc is a remarkably adaptable metal. Over the centuries, it has been an architectural staple. You can find it in roofing, tiles, and ornamental features across the world and throughout history. Today, its cool, blue-grey hue and endless customization make it a sleek option in many modern designs.

Zinc’s versatility allows fabricators to style zinc countertops in any way they want. Do you need a sharp, streamlined counter to complement a minimalist kitchen? Or are you looking for ornate detailing and a delicate, handcrafted look? No matter what style your kitchen calls for, zinc can deliver a gorgeous countertop that perfectly fits the look and feel of your space.

Clean, Safe, and Low Maintenance

Any kitchen counter will look good when you first install it, but how easy is it to maintain that appearance? With zinc, it’s pretty easy. Zinc is non-porous, so spills don’t seep into the surface and stain the metal. This makes cleanup a breeze. All you need is soap and water to wipe down the counters and keep them as good as new. Zinc is also naturally anti-microbial, which means it’s a safe and sanitary surface on which to handle and prepare food.

Antique Style That’s Full of Character

For many designers, the biggest benefit of using zinc countertops in the kitchen is their gorgeous, antique charm. Zinc boasts a unique, heirloom-quality appearance that feels like a timeless piece of classic art. That’s why many designers choose zinc countertops with intricate designs and ornate edges. No matter how old it is, zinc delivers a classic charm that evokes the atmosphere of a classy Parisian café or a lively, Roaring ‘20s bar.

Part of zinc’s charm comes from its patina. As a living metal, zinc darkens as it ages, taking on a richer, warmer appearance over time that’s full of life and character. The result is a beautifully aged look that continues to add value and garner compliments for years to come.

Find Your One-of-a-Kind Zinc Countertop

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