When clients choose copper as their countertop material, one of the most important decisions they have to make is whether they want to continuously polish and maintain it or let the copper’s natural patina develop over time. The choice is entirely unique to every application, but there are a few good reasons to embrace a copper countertop’s patina. Learn more about how copper’s patina develops and what it means in your kitchen design with this guide.

Copper’s Patina Is Truly Unique

All living metals develop a patina over time as a result of oxidation and other factors. However, copper stands out with its unique green patina. New copper counters are bright and gleaming with a lovely reddish hue like a shiny penny. As the patina develops, the copper darkens with deeper reds, oranges, and hints of green and blue. Because of its one-of-a-kind patina, copper delivers a truly special look that makes countertops stand out.

Take Part in a Timeless Tradition

Copper has been a beloved material throughout human history. In many cases, its patina is part of its charm. Several world-famous buildings and monuments boast an iconic green patina, including the Statue of Liberty, the Berlin Cathedral, and Vienna’s Belvedere Palace.

For thousands of years, architects and designers have valued copper for its warm, antiquated look that fades into something so distinct and alluring. By embracing copper countertop patinas in your home designs, you join an ancient architectural tradition that boasts some of the most awe-inspiring designs throughout history.

Well-Used = Well-Loved

Once copper countertops develop a patina, they lose that gleaming, flawless appearance. However, just because something is imperfect doesn’t mean it loses value. The patina process is natural; it brings character and history to your space. Like laugh lines on your face or the rosy glow of good memories, copper countertops age in a positive, organic, and beautiful way. By embracing that change, homeowners embrace all the memories and experiences that make a house a home.

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