Here, we explain what polymer sealant and lacquer are and the differences between them. After reading this article, you will be better equipped to choose the right sealant for your cast metal project. 

What is polymer sealant?

Polymer sealant is a semi-permanent coating applied to the surface area of a project. It protects the finish and the sheen. It provides protection for your cast metal countertops and range hoods. Polymer helps to decelerate the patina reaction, but doesn’t stop it completely, so your living metal countertop will continue to patina and naturally age. 

Polymer sealant doesn’t affect the metal finish look or feel. Instead, it binds to the metal and helps to prevent any smudges during the install process.

Polymer sealant needs to be reapplied to countertops periodically depending on frequency of use and cleaning. Polymer sealant may need to be reapplied to gold metals, like bronze, brass and copper, more frequently than zinc or pewter because gold metals tend to patina rapidly without a sealant.

In most cases, range hoods require less future applications of sealant because they’re touched and cleaned less frequently than a countertop surface. 

When should I choose polymer sealant?

Polymer sealant is a great choice for clients who want their cast metal piece to naturally age and patina, while still being protected. 

What is lacquer?

Lacquer freezes the finish so that it no longer patinas naturally. It can be used on all metals and has a beautiful satin finish. As with all lacquers, eventually the lacquer coating will need to be reapplied. How frequently depends on the frequency of the use and cleaning of the bar top.

When should I choose lacquer?

Lacquer is a great option for clients who want to freeze their finish and don’t want their living metal piece to naturally change and patina. Some clients consider lacquer to be a lower maintenance option.

We recommend a lacquer coating for darker finishes, like medium patina and black patina. Lacquer is always recommended if the project is near saltwater air. We also recommend lacquer for gold metal projects because the gold living metals (brass, bronze and copper) tend to patina rapidly.

At La Bastille we specialize in cast metal range hoods, countertops, wall panels and custom furnishings. We use both polymer sealant and lacquer to ensure our projects are properly protected. If you’re interested in a cast metal work-of-art, please reach out for more information on our products and a complimentary quote.