Modern brass countertops offer a stunning blend of elegance and functionality. The warm, golden tones of brass infuse spaces with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Designers and Architects are often intrigued by their unique beauty, but are they right for commercial spaces?

Are modern brass countertops good for commercial use?

In short, yes, modern brass countertops work well for commercial use spaces like restaurants, bars and lobbies. They’re a great option for commercial use because they’re durable and low maintenance. 

Brass countertops also have natural antimicrobial properties, making them a hygienic choice. With a few simple care practices, your commercial brass metal countertops can last for decades. If you’re interested in a care routine, read this care guide.

Brass countertops are a hygienic choice because of their antimicrobial properties. 

A beautiful example of commercial brass countertops can be seen in Tampa, Florida at Predalina. Designed by Oxford Design Studio, Predalina is a stunning restaurant offering seafood-driven mediterranean cuisine. Their brass countertops are both elegant and warm, inviting you into the space.

Where can you buy brass countertops for commercial space?

La Bastille is the industry leader in cast metal countertops. They create modern brass countertops, like that ones at Predalina, for commercial spaces around the world. Bastille prides itself on offering gorgeous, heirloom quality cast metal products.

If you’re interested in commercial brass countertops, reach out for a complimentary sample box. The sales team at La Bastille can also provide pricing and care guidelines.

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