Finding the perfect option for your room design isn’t always easy with so many countertop materials available. Many considerations factor into your decision. How will the countertop stand against the test of time? Is it easy to maintain? Does it offer a unique beauty that brings your room design to the next level?

With all these questions in mind, designers often find themselves torn between high-end materials like living metals or natural stones. Learn the difference between metal and stone countertops and see why metal is the superior choice with this overview.

Benefits and Challenges of Stone Countertops

Like all materials, stone has its ups and downs. Granite, marble, and quartzite make gorgeous countertops. Plus, the hardness of stone creates a durable surface that can withstand the high activity in kitchens, bars, and similar spaces. Like metal, most stone countertops are easy to clean and don’t require special tools or chemicals to maintain.

However, stone countertops also come with a few drawbacks. Most stones are porous, so liquids and other contaminants can seep into the material and cause stains or bacteria buildup. Additionally, some natural stone options—like marble and soapstone—are relatively soft, making them easy to scratch or chip.

Metal Is a High-End Alternative

Metal’s versatility and elegance make it an exquisite choice for countertops. Living metals like zinc, pewter, copper, and brass are particularly special because of their patinas. The patina process deepens the color of the metal and adds new, rich hues to its surface. For example, shiny, silvery pewter countertops gain a deep and luxurious charcoal patina over time. However, continuously polishing a metal countertop will maintain its initial shine.

Both metal and stone countertops are easy to clean, but metal is the superior choice because it is non-porous and naturally anti-microbial. Metal countertops don’t harbor bacteria or stain as easily as some stone materials.

Finding the Right Metal Countertops for Your Design

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