One of the most important parts to choosing the right countertop material is after care. Fortunately caring for your zinc countertop is very simple and straightforward. In this article we are going to explain the cleaning process and approved products to use when caring for your cast zinc countertops, or any La Bastille products for that matter. 

Caring For Your Zinc Countertops

Zinc, pewter, brass, copper and bronze surfaces are relatively easy to maintain, but they come with some precautions. As these are organic materials, i.e. living metals, they oxidize and respond to their environment. The finish will change, but how much it will change is completely dependent on its environment, what it comes into contact with and how it is cared for.

Daily Countertop Maintenance

Mild soap and water or a basic household cleaner (such as 7th Generation, Simple Green or Ammonia- Free Windex) is all it takes to keep these surfaces clean. A basic daily or after-use wipe down is generally enough to maintain the surface appearance and cleanliness.

Avoid/Do Not Use

  • Avoid leaving acidic materials like lemons, limes or orange juice on the surface.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners like bleach, ammonia or citrus juices.
  • Do not cut directly on the material, instead use a cutting board.
  • Do not hit the material with items such as shakers, ice breakers, etc.
  • Do not place hot items directly on the surface, instead use a trivet.
  • Do not use rubber mats or anything that traps moisture.

When acidic materials are placed on the surface the patina will lift, temporarily lightening the area. To minimize, wipe away spills with warm water. Long-term trapped moisture will degrade the material so we never recommend using rubber mats.

Prevent Moisture From Getting Trapped in Your Zinc Countertops

To prevent any moisture from seeping into the substrate, faucet holes or beer taps must be sealed properly with silicone from the top and bottom. Gaskets are needed for faucets and beer taps. Regularly check for any leaks and reseal immediately if needed. To download our complete Care Guide, check out our FAQ page here and scroll to How Do I Care For My Products?

Zinc metal has been used worldwide for generations because it’s adaptable, versatile and stunning! If you’d like to learn more about cast zinc countertops and the other countertop materials we offer, you can SCHEDULE A VIRTUAL CONSULT now. 

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