Finding the perfect countertop material isn’t always easy. You need a surface that looks beautiful, holds up to the activity of the room, and stands the test of time. On top of all that, you want a choice that’s as special and unique as the rest of the space. That’s why many designers turn to living metals, like zinc, for their countertop materials.

Zinc countertops are an elegant choice for luxury kitchens, cozy bars, and everything in between. In both residential and commercial applications, zinc stands out as a high-end and versatile choice that only gets better with time. Before you invest in your custom zinc countertops, though, it’s important to know how they will affect the overall look and feel of your room design. Learn more about these factors to consider when buying zinc countertops.

An Introduction to Zinc

Zinc is a soft living metal that is famous for its incredible versatility. Because zinc is easy to work with, skilled artisans can craft an impressive range of styles and designs to make each countertop perfectly fit the room it’s in. As a result, designers and architects throughout history have prized this metal as a gorgeous and reliable material for a variety of applications. From bright, polished tiles to intricate, ornamental downspouts, zinc has a history of beauty and popularity.

Today, designers use zinc in both contemporary and traditional spaces. The adaptability and versatility of this metal make it perfect for minimalist spaces, time-honored classical designs, and so much more.

Why Choose Zinc Countertops?

Zinc countertops come with myriad benefits that boast both beauty and function. If your design calls for a surface that’s easy to maintain, creates a one-of-a-kind appearance, and offers countless edge and finish options, then zinc is the choice for you. Below are a few of the incredible traits that make zinc so special.

Easy To Clean

Countertops that require heavy or intricate cleaning routines often don’t last as long as those that are simple and easy to clean. Zinc countertops don’t require special products or large time investments to keep them in great shape. In fact, owners can keep their countertops clean and beautiful with nothing more than soap, water, and a soft sponge or cloth. You can also use basic, non-abrasive household cleaners to wipe down and sanitize zinc countertops.

This easy cleaning routine makes zinc ideal for both homes and businesses. Whether you’re picking out counters for a beautiful home kitchen or a busy commercial bar, the easy clean-up makes zinc an ideal, stress-free choice for everyone.

The Perfect Sanitary Surface

In addition to being easy to clean, zinc countertops are also naturally antimicrobial. This is because zinc is a non-porous surface. Bacteria and other microorganisms can’t linger and grow within the countertop surface, which means zinc is a safe, healthy, and sanitary option. This makes it ideal for kitchen counters, bar tops, and other applications that call for a food-safe surface.

Patina That Tells a Story

One of the greatest benefits of using living metals for your countertops is the natural patina that develops. Over time, exposure to oxygen, sunlight, and other elements gives zinc a rich, darkened finish. The material takes on a blue-gray hue that radiates character and warmth. This is where many zinc countertops get their beautiful vintage style. By allowing the patina to develop—or choosing a custom option with an established patina—you can design a countertop that looks like it has been well-used and well-loved for decades.

Classic, Ornate Beauty

As we mentioned above, zinc is easy to work with, which makes it the perfect material to feature ornate detailing and other exquisite decorations. Zinc’s intricate design options—especially its edge options—create a countertop that evokes a sense of elegance and wealth. For this reason, many designers choose zinc countertops to complement traditional designs or enhance spaces with a high-class atmosphere.

Sleek, Modern Style

Zinc shines in traditional spaces, but it’s also a popular material in contemporary designs. Many architects and designers value zinc as a more luxurious alternative to stainless steel. Zinc’s cool silver color makes it perfect for the bold, straight-edged counters of minimalist or industrial interior designs. When choosing your custom zinc countertop, you can look for sharp, streamlined edges and a light texture to create clean, crisp looks that enhance your modern space.

What To Know About Maintaining Zinc Countertops

One major consideration to make when buying zinc countertops is the kind of maintenance they require. Luckily, zinc’s naturally antimicrobial properties and easy-to-clean surface make most maintenance tasks a breeze. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind to help you and your clients make zinc countertops last.

Part of zinc’s luxurious look and feel comes from the fact that it’s a softer metal, which means it can gather scuffs and scratches over time. Avoid these imperfections by using cutting boards, mats, and other protective surfaces while you work. Similarly, hot tools or dishes pose a potential risk, so use hot pads or trivets on your zinc countertops.

By informing clients of these maintenance rules and keeping these tools on hand, designers and owners can make sure their zinc countertops stay beautiful and elegant for years to come.

Zinc’s Eco-Friendly Properties

Is sustainability a priority in your project? Zinc’s eco-friendly properties make it an excellent choice for designers who are looking for lasting beauty that offers a positive environmental impact. Because of the metal’s durability, zinc countertops can last for decades before they need replacement.

Find Luxury Zinc Countertops at La Bastille

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Factors To Consider When Buying Zinc Countertops