What is a drink rail?

A drink rail is a metal rail with a tray that fits into your bar top to protect it from liquid.

Drink rails come with an insert, called a drip tray. Drip trays sit on top to hold bar beverages. They typically come with a standard corrugated design. They can also be custom made with logos and special designs.

Drink rails are designed to hold glasses and bottles of drinks, allowing bartenders to quickly and easily access them while mixing drinks. 

Why do you need them on your bar?

They are an essential tool for any bar. Their primary function is to catch spills and drips. They help to protect your bar surface from liquid. 

In addition to helping to keep moisture off of the surface, they also allow bartenders to keep track of what drinks have been poured. This helps them quickly reach for the next one. In other words, they’re great for helping to keep an organized bar. 

What finishes are they available in?

At La Bastille, we are happy to specify Arch Hardware drink rails, which come in stainless steel, brass, copper and matte black finishes. 

What sizes do they come in?

We offer custom drink rail sizes, and can include them in most any bar top design. Our inhouse design team figures out the size needed and includes it in the design. We work directly with the drink rail fabricator to make sure the custom rails are the best size and fit for your bar top. This ensures your bar top is as functional as it is beautiful. 

At La Bastille, we are experts in custom drink rails because we have fabricated hundreds of bar with rails. We know the proper way to design, order, and install them. If you’re considering a cast metal bar top with a drink rail for your bar or restaurant, give us a call.