Over time, homeowners renovate to increase the value of their homes and improve its overall aesthetic. As a result, the kitchen is one of the rooms that receive frequent renovations. Countertops make a worthy investment, as they make your kitchen more visually appealing and improve the quality of life. Do metal countertops increase the resale value of your home? Let’s find out.

Metal vs. Other Countertops

While metal countertops can cost more than traditional countertop materials such as glass, concrete, granite, and quartz, their beneficial differences make them worth the investment. While stone countertops have porous surfaces, metal countertops have nonporous surfaces with antibacterial and stain-resistant properties. Moreover, metal countertops oxidize, forming a patina that changes the metal’s appearance over time.

Types of Metal Countertops

Depending on your style, an array of metal countertops will complement your home: copper, brass, bronze, zinc, and pewter. Copper is one of the most popular choices for metal countertops, as it’s a traditional cooking material with natural beauty reminiscent of the “old world.” It can change color over time, from rich, warm tones to a touch of red or green.

Zinc, pewter, bronze, and brass naturally develop a patina that changes over time. While bronze and brass are types of alloys, all metal countertops make for easy cleaning and a positive investment.

Do Metal Countertops Add Value?

When it comes to home renovation, kitchen remodeling is one of the most appealing aspects for resale; it can add from 80 to 100 percent of its cost to the value of your home. Do metal countertops add value? Simply put, it can and may be the reason why potential home buyers choose your listing over the competition.

At La Bastille, we take pride in being a leader in custom metal countertops. We specialize in zinc, pewter, brass, bronze, and copper, and our “living” metals develop a rich patina over time. We also create bar tops, range hoods, and table tops for commercial and residential applications. By combining old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, we provide luxurious, one-of-a-kind custom metal countertops that offer versatility and timelessness. Contact us today for more information about our “living” metal applications.