Range hoods are no longer just an appliance, for many kitchens they are a natural centerpiece. The ordinary utilitarian style can be a blight on a fabulous culinary space. In this post we are going to explain the differences between our custom metal range hoods and our Bastille Collection range hoods.

With so many sheet metal options on the market, La Bastille was inspired to offer something different. They reimagined the cold, hard stainless steel range hoods and started fabricating handcrafted fully custom-cast zinc range hoods. As demand continued to grow, in 2018, La Bastille launched “The Bastille Collection,” their semi-custom range hood line.

They are often asked, what are the differences between the custom metal range hoods and the Bastille Collection?

Custom Cast Metal Range Hoods

All La Bastille pieces are customizable, handcrafted, and made-to-order. If you have an inspirational image, or just want to hash out some ideas with a Designer, Bastille has you covered. La Bastille has a dedicated team of Designers who work with you every step of the way and will design your dream range hood. They help you choose things like:

  1. The Metal- La Bastille offers cast copper range hoods, zinc, pewter, brass, and bronze.
  2. Straps- many clients choose to have their straps be a different cast metal than the body.
  3. Rivets- Bastille offers many rivet options.
  4. Edge detail- Bastille offers over 80 choices. 

The design possibilities are truly endless.

Bastille Collection Range Hoods

Another option is choosing from one of the five Bastille Collection range hoods. Bastille Collection cast metal range hoods are semi-customizable and also come fully equipped with a vent-a-hood ventilation system. La Bastille’s newest and most customizable range hood is the Lucianna. The Lucianna features a classic shape, six distinctive apron pattern selections, and three metal options of Cast Zinc, Copper, and Brass. The Lucianna comes in standard width and height but can be tailored to fit your client’s space, allowing homeowners and designers endless opportunities to create a range hood that complements their unique aesthetic and vibe.

For more information about La Bastille’s cast metal range hoods, you can schedule a virtual appointment and speak to a member of their sales team.