If you’re shopping bistro tables for your bar, restaurant or lounge, cast metal is a great option because of the beauty, history and endless customizations. Cast metal bistro tables compliment most aesthetics because they offer a variety of finishes and details. They also fit perfectly in most settings because of their compact size.

cast metal bistro table

Rosie’s Bar- Austin, TX
Photographer: Justin Cook

What are bistro tables?

Bistro tables are small dining tables designed for guests to gather around to enjoy food and drink. They date as far back as 1600s Europe. They were originally used for pavement dining, but are now common inside and outside of cafes and wine bars. Bistro tables are an elegant and space saving way to comfortably seat a number of patrons. 

While they’re most commonly used commercially, they also make great breakfast tables in kitchens and work well in home bars as well. 

What sizes are cast metal bistro tables available in?

Bistro tables typically come in two heights, dining height and bar height. Dining height is a standard 30” tall and bar height is a standard 42” tall. You’ll need to consider the seat height of your chairs when choosing your cast metal bistro table height.

They’re also offered in many standard sizes like: 20″, 24″, 30” and 36”. 

Can you design your own bistro tables?

Simply put, yes, you can design your own bistro tables. It’s an easy four step process:

  1. Choose your height. Dining height is the most common option because they’re far more accessible but bar height is a great option if there’s a view
  2. Choose your size. Consider your space and how many people you want to seat at the table.
  3. Choose your shape. Common shapes are: round, square and rectangular. 
  4. Choose your details. Details might include: metal choice, finish, base, edge profile and sealant. 

Where can you buy cast metal bistro tables?

At La Bastille we specialize in designing and handcrafting gorgeous, one-of-a-kind cast metal bistro tables. We treat each project like a work-of-art, therefore we offer dozens of finish options, numerous edge profiles and the highest quality zinc, copper and brass metal. Reach out for for a complimentary sample and quote.