Brass range hoods for kitchens have become increasingly more popular in recent years due to other trends like brass hardware and fixtures. Brass looks beautiful in kitchens and works well mixed with metals, like stainless steel and zinc, because they’re also cool toned.

What is brass? 

Brass is a yellowish alloy that resembles gold. It is made up of mostly copper and some zinc. Brass is a relatively low-maintenance metal that naturally patinas and shows wear over time as a result of oxidization. The slow naturally-occurring aging process is why brass is called a “living metal”. As far as we know, it has been used since around 500 BC for decorative purposes. The Romans loved it and used it to craft golden colored helmets, coins and other pieces. Like copper and bronze, brass does not rust

Where to Buy A Brass Range Hood

La Bastille has several semi-custom hoods to choose from, as well as endless custom options available. The Lucianna range hood is a popular semi-custom hood that features tons of decorative options like apron panels and various trims. La Bastille offers dozens of finishes and, because they have an in-house design team, they can create a custom brass range hood design for your kitchen. All range hoods are heirloom quality, made-to-order and come equipped with a vent-a-hood liner. They’re easy to install and ship worldwide. Bastille’s brass range hoods are one-of-kind because they’re handcrafted by a team of artisans in Savannah, GA. 

Get more information about a brass range hood by contacting La Bastille. You will receive a complementary metal sample and a proposal.