What We Hear From Our Clients! 

Designers and Homeowners are tired of the usual countertop materials and looking for something unique, innovative and eye catching. In recent years we’ve seen metal bar tops take over the curated design world, and for good reason. 

In this article, we’re going to focus on the top three reasons why our clients are asking for metal bar tops: unique appearance, food safety and customizable aspects. If you’re interested in metal bar tops, keep on reading!


-A Metal Bar Top Will Set Your Space Apart-

The number one reason our clients ask for metal bartops is their unique appearance. Even though metal bar tops have become more popular in recent years, they’re still very unique. How many people can you think of who have a metal bartop? Probably not many. They’re not just for hospitality settings, like restaurants, they also work great in homes. If you want to give your guests something beautiful and unique to talk about, consider a metal bar top.

Food Safe

-Metal Bar Tops are Antimicrobial-

When considering what bar top material to use, it is important to be mindful of food safety. Consider things like: how porous is the material? Will it be easy to clean? Will it foster bacteria? How will my guests perceive it?

Fortunately, metal is naturally antimicrobial and doesn’t harbor bacteria. Metal bartops are very easy to clean and considered to be very food safe. If you’re curious about how easy a metal bar top is to clean, you can check out our Care Guide which explains exactly how to care for your tops.

Endless Customizations

-Metal Tops Are Extremely Customizable-

When dealing with cast metal zinc, pewter, brass, bronze and copper, customizations are virtually endless. La Bastille offers over 80 standard edge profiles and, because we’re a custom shop, we can even create a custom edge profile for your project. On top of countless edge options, there are also five alloys and dozens of finishes available. 

On top of features, the shape is completely customizable also. Curves, serpentine edges, pillow shapes and large radii are just a few of the options. If you don’t want a straight, rectangular bar top, you should strongly consider metal. 

Here at La Bastille we’ve designed and fabricated thousands of metal bartops. If you’re interested in our handcrafted, heirloom quality bar tops, take a look at our website and order a complimentary sample of our metal. 

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